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Mahatma Gandhi Mission

A Journey of three and a half decades
Mahatma Gandhi Mission Charitable and Educational Trust (MGM) was established in 1982 with a firm commitment to empowering the society through Education. Today, the Trust stands as one of the leading educational & social organizations in India with more than 50 constituent institutions working in its spectrum, across 5 campuses and spread over more than 100 acres.

Every Institute – A Milestone
MGM aspires towards continual improvement of people and processes and has achieved several milestones in the areas of Education, Service & Researchover three decades. Today MGM has its presence at Navi Mumbai, Noida, Aurangabad, Nanded & Parbhani. It is recognized for its network of institutions in the field of higher education such as Medical, Engineering, Health sciences, Architecture, Agriculture, Fine arts, Journalism, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Management, Nursing, Hotel management, Food Technology. MGM has also forayed into the area of Preprimary & Primary education.

Rooting for the Nations’s Culture and Heritage
MGM has pioneered by setting up organizations like Mahagami – a Gurukul of Indian dance and music, which is recognized as one of the premier arts organisation in the world. MGM’s Khadi & Paithani centre aims at reviving the traditional handloom fabrics and Paithani Sari by carrying out research and promotion activities.

Healthcare & Well-being for All
The group of MGM Medical Colleges and Hospitals, with a primary objective of imparting quality education and encouraging research for advancement of medical sciences, also contributes to providing tertiary health care services to all strata of society at reasonable cost and strives to achieve maximum patient satisfaction. Their vision is to build sound character in the future generation of doctors with a humane charitable approach to the sick, deprived and handicapped members of society.

MGM also works closely with villages in Marathwada to contribute towards the development & upliftment of farmers and their families.

Global Perspective
Mahatma Gandhi Mission had been nominated amongst 9 prestigious institutes of India, as one of the partnering institutes under the European Union Svāgata Program for student and staff exchange. The European Commission had launched this initiative to foster cooperation between higher education institutions and to boost exchanges of students, researchers and academic staff and to support mobility, in particular from non-EU countries to EU member states, at one of the eight European partnering Universities.

The spirit of creativity and innovative education is fundamental to the philosophy of the Trust, which reflects in all its progressive endeavors.

Vision Of MGM

To ensure sustainable human development which encourages self-reliant and self-content society.

To promote activities related to community services, social welfare and also Indian heritage and culture.

To inculcate the culture of non-violence and truthfulness through vipassana meditation and Gandhian Philosophy.

To develop a culture of simple living and high thinking.

Mission Of MGM

  • To deliver education through innovative processes promote a culture of results and encourage children to:
  • Learn to think,
    Lead Self and
    Live a life useful to society.
  • To foster a strong partnership between the teachers and parent to create a supportive environment for every child's learning and developement.

Board of Trustees

Shri. Kamal Kishor Kadam


Dr. Pandurang M. Jadhav

(Vice Chairman)

Shri Ankush N. Kadam


Dr. Sudhir N.Kadam


Dr. Nitin N. Kadam


Shri. V.N.Kadam


Shri. Pratap S. Borade


Message from the Chairman (MGM Schools)

As a generation of senior citizens, I believe that we shoulder an immense responsibility of leaving a meaningful legacy for the children of this world. While permanence is an illusion, positive change should be intentional and not incidental. The question that often comes to our mind is – In the flurry of activities that we undertake every day, how many of them will make an enduring difference to the children we claim to love so much...? Are we compromising creativity by emphasizing discipline and pushing children to meet the expectations of our society? Are our children ready to embrace and define the formless future?

Our endeavor and dream is to nurture every child in our care and help him reach his highest potential. We know for sure that this will require us and all educators at MGM Schools to become more flexible and examine the future by discarding the rigid lens of the past. It is only in accepting the unforeseen, that possibilities will emerge.

As a generation, let us learn to pause, reflect and re-define our actions to match our intent. Let us be conscientious about conservation of resources by taking only as much as we need. We have an opportunity to mould the future generations – as teachers and parents let us prioritize and make the best use of our time and energy to scaffold our children and teach them the LESSONS OF LIFE. You will find us by your side in this noble cause - always!

Blessings and Best Wishes!

Our Guiding Light

Shri A.N Kadam, presently leads all institutions under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi Mission, as Secretary. A deeply committed humanitarian, he is one of the founder members of MGM Trust and believes in empowering the society through Education. Today, the Trust stands as one of the leading educational & social organizations in the country with more than 50 constituent institutions working in its spectrum, across 5 campuses and spread over more than 100 acres.
Shri Kadam is a member of the Board of Management, of MGM Deemed University in Navi Mumbai. He is Chief Editor & Director of Lokpatra, a regional newspaper of Marathwada.

A Mechanical Engineer by education, he innately has a deep understanding of the construction business and started his career with the design and execution of several projects in sugar industries and spinning mills. Drawing from that experience, he set up MGM about four decades ago. Because of his empowering vision, efforts & keen interest, Mahatma Gandhi Mission today is recognised for its distinguished contribution in the arena of Education, Service and Research.

He has been the source of inspiration for many social activities such as environmental protection, tree plantation drive, rural health camps and village adoption, led by various institutes under the trust. He has travelled throughout the world for propagation of the mission & vision of the Trust. For the promotion of Indian cultural heritage, he has been instrumental in the setting up of the Naturopathy centre, Khadi & Paithani weaving centre, Pottery centre and Mahagami, a gurukul of Indian classical dance & music.

"My experiment in Education" is a narrative autobiography published by him. He has published many national & international papers as a contribution to the field of education.He starts his day with Vipassana and Yoga practices and often refers to these when people admire him for being a ‘powerhouse of energy’!

He is recipient of International award by World Environment Congress,Indian Institute of Ecology & Environment. He has also been honored with Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Puraskar for his valuable contribution to the field of education in Maharashtra, India.