MGM Clover Dale School

CBSE Affiliation No: 1130339


MGM Clover Dale School offers various avenues for partnerships with parents and the community at large. To strengthen the relationships and also to build a channel of communication, CDS has designed the following publications:
- Happy Parenting
- CDS Buzz
- CDS Connected

Parenting is a quest, a challenge, an opportunity, and very often an endless job – yet bringing the greatest & most beautiful meaning to our lives! ‘Happy Parenting’ – a quarterly newsletter for parents is first about happy children and their holistic development. Through this small initiative, we aspire to bring about big transformations. For instance, the some of the ideas we have explored are - the idea of spending quality time with our children; How to deal with the serious issue of students experiencing stress before or during exams; How to make the school ecosystem more inclusive etc.

The campus of CDS is buzzing with many activities and so is the world outside of the campus. Children are always in wonderment of what spikes their interest and curiosity. CDS Buzz is a monthly student’s newsletter which highlights the world events, campus events and also offers children a mental spa with quizzes and teasers. What makes CDS Buzz special is that it is of the students, for the students and by the students

The annual magazine which connects the children to their passions and interests alongside highlighting the various achievements of the year is the all encompassing ‘CDS CONNECTED’. It is a much treasured collection for students as it helps them to milestone their journey with the school and they often turn the pages of older issues to bring alive the happy memories of their earlier schooling years!